How the plus12med works

1. To measure the feet

Place each foot on the plus12med and measure the length. The plus12med automatically adds 12 mm to the length. (For example: If the plus12med shows a length of 250 mm, then the foot is 238 mm long, and the shoe should measure at least 250 mm in inside length). Note down the length of the larger foot in mm.

2. To measure the shoe size

Place the plus12med inside the shoe and extend until it touches the front of the shoe. Note down the length in mm*.

3. Does the shoe fit?

If the plus12med foot measurement is the same as the shoe measurement, then the shoe fits
(example: length of foot as measured by the plus12med = 250 mm, inside length of shoe = 250 mm).

If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you:

* may vary slightly