To measure the feet with the plus12med

The plus12med adds automatically 12 mm to the length (extra space necessary for a correct fit).
For example: If the plus12med shows a length of 250 mm, then the foot is 238 mm long, and the shoe should measure at least 250 mm in inside length).

To measure the shoes with the plus12med

The plus12med works like a measuring tape.
For example: If the plus12med shows a length of 250 mm, then the shoe measures 250 mm in inside length.

Length isn't everything

Sometimes a shoe will be long enough inside, but not fit well around the heel or ball of the foot. In this case it's best to choose another model. Shoes are mass-produced items, but every foot is different. Keep looking until you find one that fits well.

Misleading shoe sizes

Shoe sizes are not standardized and rarely accurate. Our research has shown that approximately 90% of all shoes are incorrectly sized, and that the shoes are almost always shorter in length than they should be according to the labelled size.
For example, more often than not, if your shoes are labelled size 42, the plus12med will only show a size 40. This is unfortunately very common.
To make sure your shoes are the right size, measure them with the plus12med or cut out a cardboard strip in the correct length (see below) and place it in the shoe. If the strip can't fit without bending, the shoe is incorrectly sized.
One standard EU size equals 6.67 mm; a size 42 shoe, for example, should have an inside length of 280 mm (42 x 6.67 = 200).
One standard UK size equals 1/3 inch or 8.46 mm. A size 8 shoe should therefore have an inside length of 11 inches or 279.4 mm.

When using the plus12med to measure shoes, compare the shoe size scale to the millimetre scale, and be prepared to be surprised how many shoe manufacturers sell misleadingly sized shoes.

But they fit just fine!

In a number of very interesting studies, we found that children are usually firmly convinced that their shoes fit perfectly, even when they are already much too small.
Adults aren't that much different: If you've always worn shoes that are too short in length, they will feel normal to you that way. So, most adults are equally convinced of the fit of their shoes.
But don't take our word for it. Test it yourself, either with the plus12med or using a simple cardboard strip: Cut out a strip of cardboard 12 mm longer than your foot, and place it in your shoe. If the strip can't fit without bending, the shoe is too short.